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if you haven't experienced fresh micro-roasted coffee, quite possibly you have never had a great cup of coffee. We go to great lengths in order to deliver to finest coffee to you. From sourcing the best green (unroasted) coffee, to a small batch roasting process designed to yield the optimal flavors from each unique coffee, to our packaging to seal in the freshness, we proudly present Kill Devil Coffee: Coffee To Howl About!

Kill Devil Blends

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Blending coffees is part science, art and often just plain luck! We first start by individually roasting each coffee to it’s unique roast, revealing the uniqueness and subtleties of each origin. Then we blend, using different ratios of various coffees to balance flavor, acidity, and smoothness. We hope you enjoy our discriminant creations—and please feel free to leave a comment!

Single Origins

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We source our coffees from around the world, as coffees are found in the equatorial regions of Central and South America, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and throughout the Indonesian islands. The uniqueness of each coffee comes from the microclimate, soil in which it is grown, and the processing method used to extract the green coffee bean and dry it. Each coffee is individually roasted to an optimal point where it yields its unique nuances of flavor and body.


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Grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, we select organic coffees wherever possible. Generally, we find theses coffees provide heightened favorable nuances as there are no traces of these compounds in the final product. Coffees are seasonal though—do not expect all coffees to be available year-round, nor can organics always be sourced from certain regions.


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We roast strictly natural water processed decafs. This chemical free process has been refined over the years and we feel that this process is greatly superior to the so called “MC” or methylene chloride processed coffees.

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