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Nitro Cold Brew

By Now you’ve probably heard the buzz about Cold Brew Coffee. Slow brewed at roon temperature for 12-18 hours, the process yields a rich low acid coffee that lacks the bitterness often associated with hot brewed coffee. Since coffee’s chemistry is highly complex–over 120 compounds have been found in brewed coffee there is plenty of chemical compounds that probably are best left in the bean!

So what is Nitro Cold Brew? We start by making a batch of cold brew coffee–one of our favorites is an El Salvador Rainforest Alliance coffee. Grown in the high elevations in El Salvador, this sustainable grown coffee has plenty of citric and fruity nuances that really come our in the cold brew process. As soon as the brew process is complete we “bottle” this in a 5 gallon keg, purge the oxygen to maintain freshness then pressurize with a nitrogen/carbon dioxide mix. The keg is then brought to 40°F and aged 24 hours to absorb the nitrogen. We then tap the keg and dispense through a special spout, producing a rich creamy beverage loaded with micro-bubbles with a beautiful Guiness-style head of foam. Slightly fizzy but not bubbly, with a great taste and pleasing finish.

We’re rolling out Nitro in our Nags Head and Manteo stores, and will be introducing in 2018 to Kill Devil Hills. Stop in for a real treat!

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