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Coffee is our Focus! At the Front Porch Cafe, we take coffee seriously. We roast our own whole bean coffees on the premises, ensuring the freshest possible cup of coffee. We pride ourselves in offering the best tasting coffee and espresso on the Outer Banks.


Coffee by the Cup

We feature 4 daily fresh roasted choices

12 oz. $1.80
16 oz. $1.99
20 oz. $2.09
Trifecta *

State of the art, hand crafted, single cup brew. Four varities to choose from daily.

16 oz. $2.78
Cafe Au Lait

Coffee with steamed milk.

12 oz. $2.50
16 oz. $2.75
20 oz. $3.00

Smoot and robust, the necatar of the gods!

Single $1.75
each additional shot .49

Espresso with milk steamed to a velvery texture.

12 oz. $3.30
16 oz. $3.80
20 oz. $4.00

Espresso with frothed milk.

12 oz. $3.30
16 oz. $3.80
20 oz. $4.00
Espresso Macchiato

Espresso "marked" with frothed milk.

Cafe Mocha

Espresso, mocha, steamed milk, topped with fresh whipped cream.

12 oz. $3.90
16 oz. $4.20
20 oz. $4.50
Depth Charge

Coffee with shots of espresso-get your morning fix!.

12 oz. $3.00
16 oz. $3.15
20 oz. $3.00
Cafe Americano

The rich flavor of espresso diluted to coffee strength dark, fresh, intense!

12 oz. $2.50
16 oz. $3.00
20 oz. $3.50

fresh whipped cream .75
for soy, almond milk or 1/2 and 1/2 add:
.50 for 12 oz, .75 for 16 oz $1.00 for 20 oz.

Shot of syrup .50
All the polular flavours and other seasonal flavours!

Sugar Free syrps include:
Vanilla, Caramel, English Toffee, Hazelnul and Mocha.


All drinks can be made reqular or decaf. hot or iced.

12 oz. $4.15
16 oz. $4.45
20 oz. $4.75
Caramel Macchiato

Espresso, steamed milk, french vanilla, fresh whipped cream and topped with caramel sauce.


State of the art, hand crafted, single cup brew. Four varieties to chose from daily.

West Third

Espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce, caramel and hazelnut syrups, fresh chocolate whipped cream.

Heath Bar

Espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce, English toffee syrup, fresh chocolate whipped crea.

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha

Espresso, white mocha, raspberry syrup, fresh whipped cream. add .25 to above prices.

Honey Almond Soy Latte

Espresso, steamed soy milk, almond flavor, honey.

12 oz. $4.25
16 oz. $4.75
20 oz. $5.25
Chai Latte

A creamy blend of black tea, honey vanilla, ginger and spices. Served hot or cold.

12 oz. $4.00
16 oz. $4.50
20 oz. $5.25
Tea Beverages

Featuring teas from The Republic of Tea we have over 25 varieties to choose from.

12 oz. $1.62
16 oz. $1.74
20 oz. $1.86


12 oz $1.90
16 oz. $2.10
20 oz. $2.25

Hot Chocolate

Steamed to order! Whith chocolate whipped cream.

12 oz. $2.95
16 oz. $3.25
20 oz. $3.50
Italian Sodas

Refreshingly cool and clean. Your choice of syrup, sparkling water and ice.

12 oz. $1.95
16 oz. $2.10
20 oz. $2.25
Cafe Frio

Made in store! frozen espresso, milk, sugar blended to perfection.

12 oz. $3.49
16 oz. $3.99
20 oz. $4.49


$1.99Cinnamon Buns

Baked fresh each morning with house made glaze.


Blueberry, orange cranberry, morning glory, banana walnut.


Flavours vary seasonally.


Flavours vary seasonally.

$2.99Filled Croissants

Raspberry, chocolate.

$3.99Ham Egg & Cheese Croissant
$3.99Savory Croissants

Flavours vary seasonally.


Plain to go $1.20. Toasted w/butter or cream cheese $2.25


4 flavors to choose from. Gluten free!


Made in house. With yougurt $4.78Gluten free!

$5.99 / $6.99Zen Bowls**

Flavorful combination of organic dried fruits and nuts served with organic yourt. 5 to choose from!.

Visit our Nags Head and Manteo Locations to enjoy a great selection of local microbrews and fine wines!

*   NH location only
**   NH and MTO location only

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