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A Family’s Favorite Stop on the Outer Banks

Happy Summer, folks! The season of Sun is in full swing here on the Outer Banks, and our friends from all over the country (and globe!) are returning to our charming sand bar on the Atlantic to enjoy the beach and amazing food, drink and fun that abounds on our islands. We at the Front Porch Cafe love that we are part of the appeal here, and we’re honored to have been, and to continue to be, part of our friends’ family summer vacations for the last 20 years, and counting!


Aaron Arnold’s family from Huntington, West Virginia has a perfect example of the stories we love hearing and sharing about FPC’s place in our customers’ lives. We’ll let him take it from here!


“We wanted to wish you a very Happy 20th Birthday and we just visited this week while on vacation. By our estimation we’ve been visiting the last 10 yrs. (and possibly more) when we visit OBX on vacation. We typically start discussing how we are looking forward to Front Porch about a month from our Summer week at OBX. Your products and artwork and friendly staff are the reasons we keep coming back year after year. We love Front Porch Cafe and congrats on making it 20 years!”




We sure do appreciate you and your family, Aaron! Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us. You can expect a special treat from us in the mail!


What’s YOUR Front Porch Cafe story? Please write to Katy Haslar at to share it with us in honor of our 20 year anniversary.



For a period of about 5-6 years in KDH, there was almost always someone pregnant on our staff. We were beginning to think it was the coffee.



Front Porch Cafe – A Beloved Family Tradition

Happy May to all of our wonderful customers! As you continue to help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, and as the temps get warmer on the Banks, we hope you’ll stop in for an ice cold cup of our famous cold brew, or check out one of our weekly drink specials. A new drink is featured in each of our three locations every week. Our baristas have been pretty creative in coming up with new combinations and flavors – we hope you’ll pay a visit to all three stores and let us know which delicious special you like best!


Today we’re featuring Amanda’s Front Porch story. She and her family are faithful customers of our Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills locations, and Front Porch Cafe visits are a staple of their family’s Outer Banks traditions. We’ll let her take it from here!


“Our family LOVES Front Porch Cafe and it’s had a big piece of our heart for years! We moved here from Hampton Roads almost five years ago when our little girl was tired of the city glow obstructing her view of the stars in the sky at night. We hauled everything down to the Outer Banks and never looked back, and one of our greatest joys weekly was one of the simplest things…a trip to Front Porch for our iced coffees. Rain, shine, cold or burning hot – all year round and all kinds of weather is the perfect time to stop in and pick up our favorite coffee. You are truly a part of our family tradition and joy! Whenever people and clients send us gift cards in the mail, more than 50% of the time they are for Front Porch! Thank you for being in our lives. We adore FPC!!!”



Thank YOU, Amanda, for making us a part of your family!


If you have a Front Porch story you’d like to share, please email us at, or stop into one of our locations and talk to your friendly baristas! They’ll get your information to us.



The KDH store is located in what used to be Waterman’s Surf Shop. The Manteo store is located in what used to be a comic book & baseball card emporium.

Nags Head Neighbor says, “Best coffee on the Outer Banks!”

Look at these roaring beach beauties! Meet Marina, Cindy, Bri, Amy and Annalise. They are our friends from the Food Lion (Get it? Roar?) next door to our Nags Head location, and they come in every day for a cup of coffee to help them get through their shift. Some of them have been coming in for the last 6 years to get, what Marina calls, “The best cup of coffee on the Outer Banks!” She also says she loves her Nags Head Front Porch crew, and aside from getting her morning fix, she enjoys talking to Sarah, the Nags Head manager, and all the other ladies that keep the staff at the Food Lion well-caffeinated.



Do you want YOUR Front Porch Cafe story featured on our blog? Email Katy at to get in touch!




Rick, one of the managers at Food Lion (who probably stayed at the store to keep things running the day this photo was taken – sometimes the staff brings his coffee to him) orders a large mocha. But did you know that Mocha is a city in Yemen and a coffee name – NOT a reference to chocolate? A “mocha” is actually coffee flavored chocolate, not chocolate flavored coffee.

Caffeinated Love Notes

We have another Front Porch Café love story for you as we continue to celebrate our 20 year anniversary – and this one is guaranteed to make you say, “Awe!”


Kimberly Parks is the owner and master stylist at Bangs Salon, which happens to be in the same Milepost 6 shopping center as our Kill Devil Hills Front Porch location.


For the last eight years, Kimberly’s sweet husband, Brian, has made it his daily routine to stop into our coffee shop, pay for his wife’s coffee, and use our staff’s trusty Sharpie marker to write a sweet love note on Kimberly’s coffee cup. Then he leaves it for Kimberly to come in and pick up before she starts her work day at the salon. When she swings by our shop, the staff is ready with her hot cup of the best coffee on the beach, and a little love from her hubby.


I mean – how cute is THAT?


A few years ago, it occurred to Kimberly to begin photo-documenting the cups. She has hundreds of them captured now to remember forever. We’ve included a photo collage with just a small sampling of these priceless caffeinated love notes!


Do you want YOUR Front Porch Cafe story featured on our blog? Email Katy at to get in touch!



People all over the world order our coffee! Not only do we ship every day around the USA, but we have also shipped our beans to bases in the Middle East!

Jennifer and Nick’s Front Porch Cafe Love Story

As we celebrate 20 years of Front Porch Café serving the Outer Banks, we are so excited to hear all of the many stories from our family of customers – both our beloved locals, and our dear friends who visit from other parts of the country and world.


We want to share one of our favorites with you right now. It’s a love story, and we’ll let our long-time customer Jennifer tell you in her own words.


“Happy Anniversary Front Porch! Thank you for being part of my love story!
My husband brought me to Front Porch on my first visit to the Outer Banks and I’ve been a regular ever since. On December 26, 2015 he proposed by sending me on a scavenger hunt. Of course Front Porch was on the list! A special thanks to the baristas for not only serving me a nice warm chai that day, but also the map and shovel that led me to my happily ever after! Front Porch is my home away from home, showcasing my art, selling my mini-love notes and so much more.”

-Jennifer Spore, Outer Banks local, Team Front Porch Café



We were thrilled to be part of Jennifer and Nick’s heartwarming story and happy marriage!



With each blog post, we will be featuring a fun fact about Front Porch Cafe history that may surprise you!

Did you know we used to sell coffee from urns that held less than a gallon?


Be sure to email us your Front Porch story –

20 Year Celebration!

Can you believe 2019 officially marks 20 years that the Front Porch Café has been in business, serving up the best coffee on the Outer Banks to its customers? It’s true, friends! Your favorite local coffee shop is celebrating a big anniversary, and we want all of YOU – our family of current and former employees, customers (both our locals and our beloved visitors) – to help us in commemorating this very special anniversary by sharing your memories, stories and photos.


For the next year, this blog will feature a compilation of facts, funnies, photos and follies surrounding the Front Porch Café. We want to hear from some of our favorite former employees and customers near and far. We want to see your pet photos. We want to see the photos of your children that have grown up as you came in every day to get your latte and talk to your friends and neighbors. We want to hear how you met your business partner, your yoga instructor, or your wife at our coffee shop. Tell us all about it and have your story and photos featured on our blog posts!


To participate, simply email Katy Haslar, one of your friendly Nags Head location baristas, at to share your information and join in on this year-long celebration. And be sure to check back in on this blog often as we unfold stories and photos of 20 years of Front Porch Café highlights. We can’t wait to hear from you!

CBD Arrives at Front Porch Cafe

Want even more of a boost from your brew? Our CBD coffee is just the thing for you!


CBD: you’ve heard about it from friends, you’ve read about it on social media, you’ve maybe even seen stories in the news about this new phenomenon sweeping the country. And now, you’re seeing it in your favorite local coffee shop. That’s right – your Nags Head Front Porch Café is now serving up steaming cups of CBD-infused coffee.


But you might be wondering – what exactly IS it? Among all of the buzz around CBD lies an air of mystery. Is it the same thing as marijuana? Is it legal? Will it get me high?


If you’re asking yourself these questions – you’re not alone. A new emerging trend in the world of health and wellness, CBD is not nearly as mysterious and confusing as some may think. So let’s see if we can debunk some of the myths and uncover the fascinating truths about this natural, plant-derived substance.


What is CBD? Well, it’s actually just an acronym for the word Cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the hemp plant. It’s completely non-psychoactive, which means it will not produce any mind-altering effects, it will not get you high, and it will not interfere with your ability to work and function. Unlike what’s commonly known as “pot,” CBD contains no THC.


Now that we’re clear on what CBD doesn’t do, let’s talk about all of the amazing things it DOES in fact do – especially when paired with America’s favorite drink: COFFEE!


CBD provides a vast array of therapeutic benefits. The healing properties it possesses can aid with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. It’s an antioxidant, anti-spasmatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and anti-bacterial. Many users of CBD have reported that their chronic pain has subsided, their mood has elevated, and their general sense of physical well-being has improved.


And when you pair CBD with coffee, a synergistic effect occurs. A CBD-infused hot cup of happiness can deliver the same energizing jolt we’re used to from coffee without the jitters that caffeine can sometimes induce. So CBD coffee can provide stimulation and energy minus the edge. Plus, CBD paired with coffee is considered a super-food because it’s a powerful blend of two antioxidants – a substance with proven cancer-destroying abilities.


But don’t take our word for it. Stop into our Nags Head Front Porch Café and order a cup of our CBD-infused Blue Bali – one of our favorite beans that offers a sweet, rich, full-bodied flavor — for yourself, and see what kind of magic happens. We make our CBD coffee for you on our Trifecta machine – our state of the art single-cup brewing system that guarantees one of the best and freshest cups of coffee you’ll ever have. If you haven’t tried a cup from our Trifecta machine, or CBD coffee, we suggest you visit us and see for yourself what this new and exciting coffee experience is all about!

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Happy Summer, folks! The season of Sun is in full swing here on the Outer Banks, and our friends from all over the country (and globe!) are returning to our charming sand bar on the Atlantic to enjoy the beach and amazing food, drink and fun that abounds on our islands. Read More...



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Happy May to all of our wonderful customers! As you continue to help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, and as the temps get warmer on the Banks, we hope you'll stop in for an ice cold cup of our famous cold brew, or check out one of our weekly drink specials. A new dri Read More...

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