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CBD Arrives at Front Porch Cafe

Want even more of a boost from your brew? Our CBD coffee is just the thing for you!


CBD: you’ve heard about it from friends, you’ve read about it on social media, you’ve maybe even seen stories in the news about this new phenomenon sweeping the country. And now, you’re seeing it in your favorite local coffee shop. That’s right – your Nags Head Front Porch Café is now serving up steaming cups of CBD-infused coffee.


But you might be wondering – what exactly IS it? Among all of the buzz around CBD lies an air of mystery. Is it the same thing as marijuana? Is it legal? Will it get me high?


If you’re asking yourself these questions – you’re not alone. A new emerging trend in the world of health and wellness, CBD is not nearly as mysterious and confusing as some may think. So let’s see if we can debunk some of the myths and uncover the fascinating truths about this natural, plant-derived substance.


What is CBD? Well, it’s actually just an acronym for the word Cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the hemp plant. It’s completely non-psychoactive, which means it will not produce any mind-altering effects, it will not get you high, and it will not interfere with your ability to work and function. Unlike what’s commonly known as “pot,” CBD contains no THC.


Now that we’re clear on what CBD doesn’t do, let’s talk about all of the amazing things it DOES in fact do – especially when paired with America’s favorite drink: COFFEE!


CBD provides a vast array of therapeutic benefits. The healing properties it possesses can aid with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. It’s an antioxidant, anti-spasmatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and anti-bacterial. Many users of CBD have reported that their chronic pain has subsided, their mood has elevated, and their general sense of physical well-being has improved.


And when you pair CBD with coffee, a synergistic effect occurs. A CBD-infused hot cup of happiness can deliver the same energizing jolt we’re used to from coffee without the jitters that caffeine can sometimes induce. So CBD coffee can provide stimulation and energy minus the edge. Plus, CBD paired with coffee is considered a super-food because it’s a powerful blend of two antioxidants – a substance with proven cancer-destroying abilities.


But don’t take our word for it. Stop into our Nags Head Front Porch Café and order a cup of our CBD-infused Blue Bali – one of our favorite beans that offers a sweet, rich, full-bodied flavor — for yourself, and see what kind of magic happens. We make our CBD coffee for you on our Trifecta machine – our state of the art single-cup brewing system that guarantees one of the best and freshest cups of coffee you’ll ever have. If you haven’t tried a cup from our Trifecta machine, or CBD coffee, we suggest you visit us and see for yourself what this new and exciting coffee experience is all about!

Our 2018 Environmental Goals

This year Front Porch Cafe will be moving towards further reducing our waste footprint on the Outer Banks. Across the country communities have been making substantial moves towards reducing/reusing/recycling their waste. This movement has come to our attention and we all agree that the Front Porch Cafe should be part of the solution not the problem. Here are our goals we have set for ourselves. We encourage everybody to follow us and do your part in preserving the Outer Banks.


Plastic Straws:

Single use plastic straws are very unhealthy for the environment, not only are they unsustainable to produce they also never go away. Plastic is made from petroleum, not only is petroleum dangerous to extract but, plastic made from petroleum is designed to last a long time. Only 10% of 500,000,000 straws used annually are ever recycled. Even recycled plastic straws still won’t break down. That’s why we have decided to switch to Aardvark straws. These straws are made from recycled paper meaning that after use it will compost and won’t harm any wildlife! We also have become a partner with One Less Straw and One More Generation both nonprofits founded by teenage siblings focused on sustainability.



Also this year we plan to add recycling bins in all of our locations as part of our commitment to helping the environment. While we have recycled the majority of our “behind the counter” waste, our bins out front will enable all of our customers to chip in. It would be greatly appreciated for our customers to take the few seconds to place all recyclable items in the new bins.


Single use cups:

We are rewarding customers to reuse or bring in their own drinkware,  discounting 0.25 cents off the beverage price in an effort to reduce the amount of single use coffee cups heading to the landfill. We just received some new mugs, cups and Hydro Flask bottles that look really cool so get in and get one to save money and the Earth.

Townes Manning, 13

Nitro Cold Brew

By Now you’ve probably heard the buzz about Cold Brew Coffee. Slow brewed at roon temperature for 12-18 hours, the process yields a rich low acid coffee that lacks the bitterness often associated with hot brewed coffee. Since coffee’s chemistry is highly complex–over 120 compounds have been found in brewed coffee there is plenty of chemical compounds that probably are best left in the bean!

So what is Nitro Cold Brew? We start by making a batch of cold brew coffee–one of our favorites is an El Salvador Rainforest Alliance coffee. Grown in the high elevations in El Salvador, this sustainable grown coffee has plenty of citric and fruity nuances that really come our in the cold brew process. As soon as the brew process is complete we “bottle” this in a 5 gallon keg, purge the oxygen to maintain freshness then pressurize with a nitrogen/carbon dioxide mix. The keg is then brought to 40°F and aged 24 hours to absorb the nitrogen. We then tap the keg and dispense through a special spout, producing a rich creamy beverage loaded with micro-bubbles with a beautiful Guiness-style head of foam. Slightly fizzy but not bubbly, with a great taste and pleasing finish.

We’re rolling out Nitro in our Nags Head and Manteo stores, and will be introducing in 2018 to Kill Devil Hills. Stop in for a real treat!

What its like to be a FPC Barista Opener

As a Front Porch Barista/Openery your shift starts the evening before with the mental preparation  necessary of knowing you have to open the next morning. You may forgo refilling your wine glass at dinner or make a conscious effort not to start the newest Netflix series in case you get sucked into a 5 episode mini binge watch. When you set the alarm for 4 am you always double check to make sure you don’t make the fatal error of confusing am and pm. Front Porch has a track record of  opening consistently on time 364 days a year for 17 years so  there’s a lot of pressure not to blow an opening!

Is that the alarm going off or the timer for the oven? All of us baristas at the Front Porch have shared a few good laughs over dreams, rather nightmares we have about things going away at the shop. Bolts filling the espresso grinder has been a recurring theme of mine. A fellow workmate shared with me an elaborate dream about customers gathering outside the front door while she was unable to get the door unlocked from inside. The crowd swelled to hundreds and the problem was finally solved by a desperate guy driving his pickup through the front door. When it comes to coffee sometimes desperate measures need to be taken.

The drive in to work during the early pre-dawn hours when often you are often the only one on the road is its own reward. There is something magical about watching the world come to life. When the sunrise looks particularly enthralling I’ll take a quick side trip to do an ocean check. There is no more satisfying way to start you day than witnessing daybreak over the ocean. It infuses you with energy and inspiration to start your day like nothing else.  Well, except maybe coffee.

By the time you get to the shop you are so fueled by the anticipation of that first cup of coffee or espresso drink that it motivates you to go through your standard opening checklist with speed and dexterity. We at the Front Porch Cafe consider ourselves good multi-taskers. This is due to our skills having being well honed during our openings as we perform our 20+ point checklist that culminates with hissing of the steaming wand letting you know that you are seconds away form pure coffee love. You then turn on the open sign and welcome your fellow early risers to another beautiful day on the Outer Banks.

Why I Love Being a Barista by Sarah B.

Front Porch Baristas wield great power. We are handed the responsibility of providing for the masses their required dosage of delicious caffeine.

There are those who work to live (e.g. many who spend significant amount of time staring at spreadsheets), and there are the lucky few—those of us who live to work. I wake up excited every morning, because being a barista is the best job in the whole wide world. Want to know why?

It is because WE LOVE YOU. Yes, you, our faithful patrons, our friends: the locals, vacationers, study groups, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, nurses, life guards, EMS, police, fire fighters and catholic priests. All of you. And, we have secret knowledge of you, too. We know exactly what you need to get you through your day, yes it’s a great power.

“Good morning large Iced West Third! How are you large non-fat mocha with vanilla? Hey there medium drip, I saved the last scone for you!”

Knowing what our regulars drink before they tell us not only gives us super hero status but it keeps many of you from having to speak before consuming caffeine. For some of you, we know what you drive (in a totally non-stalker way), so when we see you pull up we start your drink. You’re welcome.

There’s more:

• We want to hold your baby while you fix your coffee. (Every. Single. Time.)

• We want to pet your puppy that’s waiting outside. Here’s some water and a treat for them.

• If you tell us you’re serious about dieting we will slap the cookies out of your hand and offer you coffee with almond milk and agave.

• We love it when you pour in the stores covered in sweat and sand, still pumped up from your beach boot camps.

• We love you so much we keep your punch cards by the register or keep your gift card numbers written down so you don’t lose them.

• We love our second-homers that call to check on us when storms turn out to be a LOT nastier than the weather guy predicted – which is almost always.

• We know that your kids only think they’re drinking espresso. Don’t worry, it’s decaf…we got you.

• Show us those pictures! We love it when you share your life with us. Show us that big fish you caught or your daughter’s wedding. And, thanks for asking about our lives, too.

• Over the course of 2016 we, at Front Porch, have had the honor of witnessing countless weddings, pregnancies and births. We’ve watched as you have carried your newborns in and then watched as those same tiny babies made a race track out of our sitting area. We love it. It is because of all of you that we do what we do. And some of us do it before the sun even rises.


Now don’t you wish you were up at 5 am this morning, making lattes for the masses? I sure do.


Sarah B.

Barista, Front Porch Cafe

Front Porch Cafe Customer Review

I love going to Front Porch, walking there with my friends from Manteo Middle School to the Manteo shop and getting a treat while using the free wi-fi to work on school work using our Chromebooks. Sometimes we just drop off our bags and hang out downtown.

My favorite drink is a small Decaf Caramel Mocha Breve with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I love being greeted by a friendly staff and having a great environment for studying. One of My favorite things to do at Front Porch is to meet my math tutor. It is the perfect place to study because unlike the library you can talk.

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