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Our 2018 Environmental Goals

This year Front Porch Cafe will be moving towards further reducing our waste footprint on the Outer Banks. Across the country communities have been making substantial moves towards reducing/reusing/recycling their waste. This movement has come to our attention and we all agree that the Front Porch Cafe should be part of the solution not the problem. Here are our goals we have set for ourselves. We encourage everybody to follow us and do your part in preserving the Outer Banks.


Plastic Straws:

Single use plastic straws are very unhealthy for the environment, not only are they unsustainable to produce they also never go away. Plastic is made from petroleum, not only is petroleum dangerous to extract but, plastic made from petroleum is designed to last a long time. Only 10% of 500,000,000 straws used annually are ever recycled. Even recycled plastic straws still won’t break down. That’s why we have decided to switch to Aardvark straws. These straws are made from recycled paper meaning that after use it will compost and won’t harm any wildlife! We also have become a partner with One Less Straw and One More Generation both nonprofits founded by teenage siblings focused on sustainability.



Also this year we plan to add recycling bins in all of our locations as part of our commitment to helping the environment. While we have recycled the majority of our “behind the counter” waste, our bins out front will enable all of our customers to chip in. It would be greatly appreciated for our customers to take the few seconds to place all recyclable items in the new bins.


Single use cups:

We are rewarding customers to reuse or bring in their own drinkware,  discounting 0.25 cents off the beverage price in an effort to reduce the amount of single use coffee cups heading to the landfill. We just received some new mugs, cups and Hydro Flask bottles that look really cool so get in and get one to save money and the Earth.

Townes Manning, 13

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